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Systems Management tools are about moving from being ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’. The following areas span Systems Management:

1. Hardware inventories

Every organisation wants to have the latest and most accurate hardware inventory listings. With changes happening almost by the hour – this task is almost impossible without automations tools. SkillBase has worked and successfully deployed IBM Tivoli family of tools across the region.

2.  Automated software inventories & installations

Every organisation must have the latest and most accurate software inventory. Automation tools are mandatory for checking license usage and having an asset inventory. The second important factor is automation with software deployments.

Even modest organisations have a few thousand machines (servers, PC’s, laptops etc.). Changing a version of software or a new patch can be a major activity without automations tools.

SkillBase has worked and successfully deployed IBM Tivoli family of tools across the region.

3. Server availability monitoring

Being ‘proactive’ means knowing conditions or thresholds of critical IT components before they go out of service.

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring is an enterprise-class solution that optimizes IT infrastructure performance and availability. It manages the IT infrastructure including operating systems, databases and servers across distributed and host environments through a single customizable workspace portal

  • Provides common, flexible and easy-to-use browser interface and customizable workspaces
  • Detects bottlenecks and potential problems in essential system resources and automatically recovers from critical situations to ensure that your business critical applications are up and running

4. Security Management

Businesses today operate in an environment with increasingly powerful ways of manipulating and storing information. This is matched by growing threats to that information. Businesses need to manage their information so that they get the best business value from it, and minimize risks.

Security is necessary to ensure that business can continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

IBM Tivoli security software solutions are recognized for their market leadership and trusted worldwide by organizations to help them reduce cost and risk, improve operational efficiencies and allow greater focus on business initiatives and innovation across:

  • Identity and Access Management – manage identities with efficient user lifecycle management and access controls for internal and external users
  • Data and Information Security – secure information with access control protection, data classification, unstructured data security, and encryption including key management
  • Application Security – deliver secure process and application lifecycle management as well as unified security policy management
  • Physical and IT Infrastructure Security – protect networks, servers and endpoints with comprehensive threat and vulnerability management
  • Security Compliance – control monitoring and policy enforcement covering a wide range of industry and governmental regulations and standards including PCI, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, Basel II and ISO 27001

SkillBase work with IBM Tivoli security software is comprised of an integrated family of management products which delivers:

  • Timely visibility into business continuity risks and policy compliance posture
  • Effective control over access to and use of sensitive business assets
  • Efficient automation of controls and monitoring to simplify security management

5. Network monitoring & management

Business / IT departments are completely dependent upon the smooth running of networks to ensure continuous and uninterrupted availability of business applications.

That mission requires highly sophisticated software to proactively monitors and manage networks.

SkillBase works with Solarwinds (http://www.solawinds.com) to help organisations remain in control. Solarwinds makes award winning network management software that is trusted by more than one million engineers to manage IT environments ranging from tens to thousands of devices.

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