Data Storage Management

As the world becomes more digitized, information has become the most important asset for all organisations.

You cannot run your business without reliable information to service your customers, to improve the effectiveness of your employees and to collaborate with your business partners.

Digitized information deleted, stolen or simply misplaced among volumes of useless data can cause a big challenge. Managing this rapid growth in data requires a more sophisticated approach, one that helps you understand, classify, protect, and retain your data according its purpose and value. And of course, it needs to do it cost effectively.

SkillBase has already helped design and implement comprehensive, flexible storage solutions for dozens of organisation around the Region.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (ITSM) family of offerings are designed to provide centralized, automated data protection

ITSM is one of the best solution in the market and helps reduce the risks associated with data loss while helping to lessen complexity, manage costs and address compliance with corporate and regulatory data retention and availability requirements.

ITSM enables you to:

  • Protect data from failures
  • Supports many different environments and almost all standard operating systems
  • Works with your policies and procedures

The IBM Link for ITSM provides a lot more about the rich features and functions of ITSM:

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