Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management (KM) has many definitions – We at SkillBase consider KM to be the discipline of enabling people (individuals, teams, entire organizations) to collectively and systematically create, store, share, capture, and apply knowledge, to better achieve their objectives.”

The game has changed a great deal in the 21st century – Today organisations want to become a lot more creative and innovative. You can find clear evidence of flourishing new ideas and insights in a lot of the ‘new’ companies.

In short supply are clear methods, processes and tools, synchronised across the organisation. The challenge is to timely ‘capture’ knowledge and do something meaningful with it.

Web based tools and technologies like, especially the new Web 2.0, Social Computing technologies etc. now enable us to easily communicate, collaborate, learn and share. Traditional management strategies are significantly challenged for organizational renewal and development.

Using amazing and exciting tools like WordPress for blogs or Twitter for short messaging are we all doing better? Is KM just about using these new communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools? We don’t think so.

The new tools will, undoubtedly help in the way people work but are certainly not the final answer. It’s very easy to get carried away with these new magnificent tools, start using them and expect immediate business benefits. Organizations wanting to effectively share knowledge might want to just pause and think this through a bit more carefully by going back to basics.

We at SkillBase help organisations:

1. Become more creative by introducing and enabling new innovative knowledge processes

2. To be able to effectively facilitate the creation of new rich knowledge communities

3. Build new knowledge processes that are strategically aligned to the objectives of the organization.

4. Align a KM initiative to the principles of the success of the organization.

5. Transform from operational to customer focused KM

.If you already have a KM initiative ongoing, SkillBase can help you increase momentum and help you better lead and focus. If you don’t yet have a KM plan, we can help you assess and plan a well charted roadmap towards KM.

We have successfully done it for organisations in the region – we are passionate, but, realistic about KM. Please contact us for a free KM assessment.

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