Process and Change Management

Customers tell us that projects generally succeed when controls are managed by experienced project managers and facilitators reporting directly to them, rather than through the software vendors involved. This enables project risks to be better managed and helps keep business requirements prioritised ahead of implementation. SkillBase have extensive project management experience covering a wide range of business and information technology projects.

SkillBase like to deliver project management services as a mentor – transferring knowledge and expertise while providing flexibility. This differs from the project management delivered by vendors who usually only focus on their own resources.

Our Project Management service includes:

  • Change control
  • Management of resources & timetables
  • Quality and Risk management
  • Acceptance management

However good the product and the design, the co-operation of end-users at go-live is essential and the best way of achieving this is through education, communication and close involvement.

The need for change management is clearly evident from the potential impact on business processes that result from business systems developments.

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