Business Challenges

Organizations are constantly planning for the future; making things more efficient, keeping an eye on growth or expanding into new markets. But how often are technology plans tied to an organizations future strategy.

The misconception that introducing technology components can cure all business headaches has also being accepted as being misleading.

The traditional approach of businesses buying technologies by first identifying a set of high-level business requirements, then selecting vendors, has shown reduced return on investment with minimal positioning between exact business needs and the technologies available.

Technology decisions being made because it looks nice, or feels good or someone thinks it makes good business sense, are now being questioned. Full understanding of the impact technology might have on other aspects of the business are essential.

The successful development of technology to support business strategies depends on complete integration between people, business and technology. Most vendors focus on one or two of these components, at most. SkillBase is unique in focusing on all three and working closely with organizations to bring them together.

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