SkillBase proposed consultancy services for developing a strategic roadmap for Digital Intelligent Asset (DIA) for West Kuwait (WK) Asset. SkillBase and SAIC, partnered to develop a response to that request.

The objective of this project is to develop a strategic roadmap which will outline a set of program initiatives with timelines and dependencies that are critical to the realization of specific corporate goals.

The roadmap should aid in the planning and coordination of several project activities while highlighting opportunities for developing essential capabilities, training and staffing, technology partnerships and acquisitions, business process reengineering, IT transformations and other standard processes that are required to achieve objectives. Some of the benefits expected to achieve from this initiative include production optimization, workflow automation, reduced water cut, optimized use of limited resources, real-time modeling and decision support which will lead ultimately to increased production and recovery.

The increasing demand for cost effective and rapid development of oil and gas resources and the need to squeeze more reserves from fields have led to an industry-wide push to develop frameworks.


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