SkillBase has been working with Ali Al-Ghanim & Sons (BMW in Kuwait) for a number of years to support the infrastructure for data management.

SkillBase consultants installed and customised one of the leading solutions in the market – the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Product a few years ago. Since the implementation we have been involved in support and enhancements to the critical storage environment.

This storage management software from Tivoli protects from risks of data loss and helps reduce complexity, manage costs and address compliance with data retention and availability requirements.

The Solution from IBM

  • Stores backup, archive, restore, compliance and disaster-recovery data in a hierarchy of offline storage
  • Protects data on computers running a variety of different operating systems
  • Provides storage management and data protection on hardware ranging from notebooks to mainframe computers and connected through the Internet, wide area networks, local area networks or storage area networks
  • Combines Web-based storage management software, intelligent data move-and-store techniques and comprehensive policy-based automation to increase data protection and potentially decrease administration time
  • Uses a progressive incremental methodology that backs up only new or changed versions of files, greatly reducing data redundancy, network bandwidth and storage pool consumption when compared to traditional methodologies based on periodic full backups 
  • Works with storage hardware to exploit other data-reduction techniques such as subfile backup, client compression and device compression, so that you back up less data and save time, space and money

SkillBase has successfully deployed dozens of IBM Storage Solutions in the Middle East region and have a dedicated Team of certified consultants.


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