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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines the organisational structure and skill requirements of an information technology organisation and a set of standard operational management procedures to allow organisations to effectively manage an IT operation and associated IT infrastructure. The operational procedures are supplier independent and apply to all items of equipment within the IT Infrastructure.

Today, more than ever, IT must tightly align with the business. IT performance is normally always tied to business performance: Every person-hour and all costs must be allocated to deliver maximum business value.

IT also must respond more quickly than ever to new and evolving business requirements. Two-year development cycles are not acceptable these days. So, alignment must be attained and maintained with agility.

Timely business alignment can be achieved with the right strategies and tools. The IT Information Library (ITIL), originally designed by the British government to codify best practices and approaches to systems management, provides some of the industry’s most important guidance for maintaining alignment.
ITIL v3 explicitly supports Quality Assurance (QA) strategies and the ITIL V3 Book on Continual Service Improvement (CPI) is focused on Quality.

To address the quality issue, ITIL v3 places increased emphasis on the Configuration Management System (CMS), which includes the creation and maintenance of Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs). One of the goals of the CMS with the CMDB implementation is to increase uptime by decreasing the time it takes to restore services.

The Session conducted by SkillBase was attended by senior KNPC IT management Team. SkillBase has several ITIL V3 certified resources.

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