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Succession planning is critical for all large organisations enabling them to systemically identify talented employees and develop them for future higher level and broader responsibilities.

Over the past few years KPC and its subsidiaries have undertaken several good initiatives to facilitate Succession Planning. These initiatives have included identifying the right philosophy, exploring modern assessment techniques and forming teams to derive necessary efforts.

The Project deliverables included deploying and using several industry standard tools like 360 Degree Feedback, SuccessFactors etc.

360 degree feedback is a method and a tool that provides employees the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor and peers, reporting staff members, coworkers and customers. 360 degree feedback allows each individual to understand effectiveness as an employee, coworker, or staff member is viewed by others. The 360 degree feedback processes provide feedback that is based on behaviours that other employees can see.

SuccessFactors is the leader in on-demand Performance and Talent Management software positioned to help companies by providing integrated solutions that enable organizations to bridge strategy and execution gaps, cultivate top talent and optimize workforces, to drive business productivity and results.

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