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untitled-1Women in corporate environments face personal and professional choices and tradeoffs unique to their gender. Many women juggle not only career goals and organizational objectives, but also family and community obligations.
SkillBase worked with specialist from around the world to determine the major factors influencing women’s effectiveness in the work world. We also wanted to increase awareness into how professional women in our region lead their lives, and live with complexities of modern life.

The research led to specialised career development program and workshops.

Module I of the Career Development Series for Women, the first of its kind to took place in Kuwait from November 27 to November 30th, 2005.

2The first Modules of the Career Development for Women was designed and led by Dr. James Waldroop, a well recognized Psychologist on Career Management, and former Co-Director of MBA Career Development Programs at the Harvard Business School in Boston.

Dr. Waldroop author of several books was expertly assisted by Jannat Ahmad of SkillBase based in Toronto, Canada. The 4-day WorkShop at the Kuwait Radisson SAS, combined psychological assessments, analytical discussions, and experiential learning which is intended to result in increasing women’s self-awareness and empowers them as they move onward and upward in their careers in the corporate world.  

“We are excited about the success of the first training session and strongly believe that for some time now,  corporate women in Kuwait have been looking for ways to strategize their careers and very keen to develop their leadership skills” said Mr. Faisal Abdul Rahman, Director of SkillBase.

“There is great interest at KPC for nurturing unique talent amongst our female employees and we are proud to endorse this new initiative. Our management strongly encourages our female employees to take advantage of these specialized high-caliber training programs that SkillBase has to offer”
KPC Training Group

After great success of this unique Women’s Leadership Workshop, KPC requested further sessions that are being regularly conducted.


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Women’s Leadership:

Workshop I      (2005)
Workshop II     (2006)
Workshop III    (2006)
Workshop IV    (2007)

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